A $10 holiday fee will be applied for the following days. Please schedule 2 months in advance for major holidays.

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year's Eve
Resources for Pet Owners

Services & Rates

Rates subject to change.

Complimentary Services }
Standard In-Home Pet Sitting Services }
Leashed Mid-Day Dog Walking Service }
Pet Taxi Service }
Leashed Park or Trail Outings }
In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting & House Sitting }

Complimentary Services

  • Retrieving mail & newspapers
  • Setting out garbage & recycling
  • Watering indoor/outdoor plants
  • Maintaining litter boxes
  • Administering medications upon signature of service contract.

Standard In-Home Pet Sitting Service

Great for planned vacations, weekends away, business trips, & day trips. As opposed to boarding or kenneling, your pet(s) will be cared for in their normal home environment, alleviating travel trauma, eliminating exposure to illnesses, and reducing separation anxiety. Your pet(s) will have caring and responsible in- home companionship while you're away.
This is also a wonderful option for cats. Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings, are creatures of habit, and need their surroundings to remain stable and safe. Kenneling can be traumatic for cats and can result in both behavioral and physical problems. Let FSPS care for your cat(s) at home and provide them with the attention and security they prefer and deserve.

$25 Per visit.
$3 Per additional pet beyond 2 per visit.

Leashed Mid-Day Dog Walking Service

Perfect if you want your dogs to get the exercise they need while you work long hours, attend scheduled meetings or classes, or simply have no time to take your dogs for a walk. Reclaim your lunch breaks! Let FSPS give your dogs a mid-day break. (Regular monthly scheduling and monthly billing available.)
This is also a great option if you have a puppy in training who needs an extra break (puppy relief) to burn off energy, work on leash training, and stay on schedule.

$25 Per walk.
$3 Per additional pet beyond 2 per walk.

Pet Taxi Service

Have no time to take your pets to or from the groomer or to an important vet visit? Need someone to transport your pets to or from various locations when you are busy, out of town, or working a long day? This is the perfect option for you.

$15 Per one-way trip.
$30 Per round trip.
$3 Per additional pet beyond 2 per trip.

Leashed Park or Trail Outings

This fun and active service gives your dog(s) 1-hour of good exercise at one of Columbia's beautiful parks or trails. Your dog will be picked up at home, walked on an area trail or park, and dropped off at home after worn out and ready for a nap. Leashed outings are one of FSPS most popular services. Treat your dog to a special park or trail outing today!

$35 Per 1-hour outing.
$3 Per additional pet beyond 2 per outing.

In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting & House Sitting

Provides overnight companionship for your pets and added security for your home. The time spent with your pets may vary depending on your Sitter's schedule, but will include 9 overnight hours. This service includes the last evening ("bedtime") break for dogs, the overnight stay, as well as outside time for dogs, litter box cleaning for cats, and the morning feeding and water changes for all pets.

$90 Per overnight stay.

FSPS does not care for exotic animals, nor does FSPS support the exotic pet trade.
Please go to www.aspca.org for more information about the harmful effects of the exotic pet trade.