Ty, Cal, Zack, & Phavor


“I guess most folks would say our animals are high maintenance.  They include a 14-yr old Shepherd mix w/cancer, a retired Dutch Shepherd who is not a fan of other dogs, a German Shepherd w/food allergies, a young, rambunctious Lab, a cat who is in constant competition w/the great outdoors to defend her food, and a bunch of chickens who refuse to use their egg laying boxes for easier gathering.  But when we leave town for any length of time, I have 100% confidence that FSPS provides the same level of customized care with all the love and TLC we could wish for.  I know FSPS does not cut corners when it comes to our animal’s individual needs (e.g. meds, feeding instructions, exercise regimens). Their regular communication via text and pictures is just an added bonus.  Look no further: FSPS is the premier in-home Pet Sitting service in Columbia.”

-Kathleen M. Kelsey, Research Coordinator Penn Vet Working Dog Center


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