About Four Seasons Pet Services

Melissa Vogt, Four Seasons Pet Services founder and owner, began caring for her father's horses, livestock, family pets, and other farm animals on summer breaks while she was attending college in 1995.

Melissa soon found herself getting requests from college professors, business owners, professionals, students and other Columbia residents to care for their dogs, cats, horses and other animals. Before long, she had a small but faithful clientele.

Melissa's cats: Fidget & Frenzy

After earning her degrees in Sociology, Melissa continued to pet sit around her work. As Melissa’s Client list grew, it became more and more difficult to schedule pet sitting visits around a 40+ hour work week. An opportunity presented itself in the spring of 2009 and Melissa decided it was time to open a full-time pet sitting service. With the encouragement of family, friends, and Clients, Four Seasons Pet Services was founded.

Melissa is happy knowing that Four Seasons Pet Services is available to her Clients when they need assistance. Melissa and her staff look forward to meeting and caring for more of Columbia’s pets in the years ahead.

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