Four Seasons Pet Services is bonded, insured and holds a business license with the City of Columbia.

Service area includes:

Columbia, MO and surrounding areas. FSPS is not limited to Columbia city limits. Facebook IconGoogle Plus Icon

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  • Planning a vacation or weekend away and need an in-home Pet Sitter?
  • Leaving for a business trip and looking for someone to care for your pets?
  • Tired of racing home on your lunch hour and need someone to walk your dog(s) mid-day while you're at work?
  • Need an in-home overnight Pet Sitter to stay with your pets while you're out of town?
  • Need someone to transport your pet to or from the groomer, vet, or various other locations?
  • Want to treat your pet to a special outing on the trail or walk in the park?
  • Can't stand the idea of kenneling your dogs or boarding your cats and would prefer they stay safely at home?

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